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Recruiting page is up! It's a close mirror to the section of member requirements in our previous guild hall's charter.
Feel free to register an account and post on our forums!
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Saints CrossingThe Rebuilding of Night Elf Lands.

Rebekkah was asked by the Cenarion Circle to serve as an envoy to Saints Crossing as they were in search of aid. The Saints were asked to find items throughout Azeroth to help the Cenarion Druids rebuild from damage in recent years to Darnassus and Darkshore. Elder Edezar and Flame Warden Constanzia answered their call.

There had been much scarring across the land. The druids needed something that’s both a binding agent but will also grow life afterwards. Requesting some Sticky Ichor, Edezar and Constanzia sprung into action. Upon retrieving six samples from nearby spiders, the ichor was tested to see if it could work.

The Ichor did well, but it doesn’t grow life very quickly. Rebekkah consulted Shaman Quynn, who believes if enough Inert Elemental Pieces were gathered, she could activate the energy needed for growth. Constanzia and Edezar sought out elementals, obtaining twenty of these pieces in short time.

The Cenarion Circle believes they’re on the right track. The pioneering organisms should soon come back, but they would like to have the larger beasts follow. If two Latent Talon were gathered, it should be enough for the Cenarion Circle to call the in the larger animals. Rebekkah was able to find a field guide that led Edezar and Constanzia to the Northern Barrens. Despite “talon” being in the name, the wildcats of the plains were found to have them.

With these items gathered, the Cenarion Circle requested time to deliberate their next course of action. Constanzia, Edezar, and Rebekkah anxiously await the results that are said to be announced within a week’s time.
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Saints CrossingSaints Crossing is a fellowship of good, ethical people who represent themselves ((role-play)) with moral standing in all they do.

We're looking for those who know the difference between right and wrong, choosing good over evil. Being givers before being takers and treating others with courtesy and respect.
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